Jaime Brousseau

Jaime Brousseau is a Registered Nurse with a decade of experience in critical care settings. Jaime has worked in ER and ICU settings, and she found her work satisfying,  but she feels aesthetics is more fulfilling for her. “I think women can especially relate to how you feel about yourself affects your whole world, and if I can improve that in 15 minutes in my chair, that’s the kind of Nurse I want to be. It is so fulfilling and warms my heart.”

Jaime’s favorite procedure is lip filler or any procedure that makes her patients happy!

Jaime is currently enrolled in an RN-FNP program to continue the success and expansion of her aesthetics career. Jaime has directly trained with plastic surgeons, Dr. Young Cho in Houston, Dr. Kay Durairaj In Los Angeles, Dr. Raj Chopra in Beverly Hills, and Dr. Glenn Vallecillos in Beverly Hills.

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